Middlesex Fire Stopping are a third party accredited LPC BRE division within Middlesex Ltd supplying and installing passive fire protection on new and pre-existing structures.

We provide passive fire protection solutions and installations for all types of buildings, commercial, residential and public health. We work with a full range of prestigious clients and main contractors and belong to a larger construction organisation called Middlesex Limited.

Manufacturer Relationships

At Middlesex Firestopping Limited we work in partnership with the manufacturer ‘Rockwool’ and use specifically their ‘Firepro’ product range and systems.

We work to these systems to ensure all fire protection installations are tested and approved in accordance with their standard tested details.

Our strong relationship with Rockwool ensures we receive the technical support we need, in order to find suitable solutions to difficult design requirements that can often come up when constructing new buildings.


Middlesex Firestopping Limited is a third party accredited business that works in partnership with BRE group and the LPCB certification board. Regular audits from our third party accreditors ensure we maintain a constant high level of installation in order to achieve the demands of the criteria set out from the certification board. Working closely with our auditors we ensure that we are up to date with current fire regulations, safety and legislation.


Middlesex Firestopping Limited installations are recorded digitally at the point of installation, this provides our clients with a fully, up to date and comprehensive catalogue of all the fire protection works throughout the building. This comprehensive catalogue is required for full traceability long into the future life of the building; it includes photographs of all the fire seals, their locations within the building and the date and time of installation.


We at Middlesex Firestopping Limited recognise the import role that passive fire protection has towards the safety of the occupants that inhabit the buildings our clients construct.  Our aim is to build strong working relationships with our clients so that through confidence and transparency there is a solid foundation being formed to help sustain the long term growth of the businesses, together. Never more is this important when dealing with the difficulties and complex issues that can arise from the devastating effects of fire.